Italian quad [UE4]

This is my most recent complete environment done in Unreal Engine 4. It's an Italian style quad complete with Vespas. The environment uses a lot of modular materials and vertex painting. I was able to complete this project in about 3 months. 

Train Station Lobby [UE4]

This project originaly started as a project for school about one year ago. I've recently gone back to it in order to clean it up and complete it. The materials have been revamped and new models have been added. The concept came from a reference image found online.

Scifi Lab [UDK]

This project is inspired by Deus Ex Human Revolution. It was created as my environment for my first Advanced Seminar class in 2013. The textures are all hand painted/baked. Animated material systems were created using the node editor in UDK.

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